Mask Facts

Fact #1 - Masks on young children decrease the amount of oxygen they breathe in because the mask inhibits free flow of air and when they breathe out they increase the amount of carbon dioxide available for their next breath inside the mask.  With children younger than 12, this can inhibit growth as growing children need greater amounts of oxygen to grow all parts of their body.  Do you really want to take a chance with a child's growth or should young children not wear masks?

Fact 2# - Any cloth or paper mask other than those specifically made to prevent infections passing to a patient during surgery will allow viruses to pass through and, potentially infect the person wearing them.  Why?  Because the viruses are smaller than the mask gaps!

Fact #3 - Since the virus has now mutated several times, it has become easier to to become infected, however, the death rate is dramatically reduced.  Also, adults with strong immune systems when infected have milder symptoms and significantly lower rates of hospitalization.  Should all adults be required to wear masks or should only those who have compromised  immune systems and/or are older only be the individuals who need masking?

Mortality and Morbidity

Morbidity First -

Medicare and Medicaid pay hospitals based on the diagnosis and overall expenses related to that diagnosis.  In theory and hopefully in fact, the more complicated the treatment, the more payment the hospitals receive.  See the USA Today article written by Michelle Rogers published at 4:53 PM on April 24, 2020 and updated  at 9:38 AM on April 27, 2020.


What the procedures created above also allow is for a hospital to abuse these diagnosis codes and get more payment than they should.  Does this really happen?  The only defense we, the taxpayers, have is the right and practice of Medicare and Medicaid to audit any claim at any time.  They do audit a very small percentage of claims filed.  Given the hospitals directive to provide no elective procedures and their short staff circumstances during this "pandemic", it is likely that hospitals would have done what they could to increase cash flow.   At the very least, there exists an avenue that can easily lead to abuse.

On August 31, 2021 at 2:45 PM and updated at 5:23 PM, Thomas Franck of the Treasury said that Social Security will run out of funds 1 year earlier than projected earlier and that Medicare/Medicaid cash flow reserves are deteriorating as well due to COVID.  He gave no information as to what, during COVID, was the cause of these funds concerns.  Was it abuse of rules?  Maybe we need to see actuarial studies to answer this question.

Mortality Second -

We are constantly told the number of COVID cases, deaths and death rate comparisons.  However, no one has looked carefully at how those numbers are created.  I am fairly certain that the number of deaths and death rates are significantly overstated!  As an example, my wife, Nancy, passed away in September of 2018.  Her death certificate says the primary cause of death was "Failure to Thrive" (she did not eat enough to survive) and the secondary cause of death was "Parkinson's Disease".  It certainly was Parkinsons that caused her death and nothing else!


Now look at another example during COVID, primary cause of death is listed as COVID, however, the secondary cause of death shows asphyxiation due to COPD and the person was 85 years old.  Was it really COVID or COPD that caused the death.  Without COPD the patient could have survived.

Here is a third that I know from my relationship to a patient who was 77 years of age and had non-life threatening leukemia.  That is a person with a seriously low white blood cell count.  In other words, her immune system was seriously degraded.  The week after Thanksgiving 2020 she went to a party contracted COVID and died 2 weeks later.  Her real cause of death was almost certainly leukemia not COVID!

To Vaccinate or NOT To Vaccinate -

Fact #1 - Have you ever heard of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)?  This is maintained by the CDC as a part of their safety responsibility for all U.S. citizens.  If you go there you can see what problems vaccines have caused and compare rates of problems vaccine by vaccine.  It is from this reporting system that we hear about young recipients developing heart issues or you can see what allergic reactions are being reported.  It would be important for us to hear about this information but we don't!

Fact #2 - We also have never heard a word spoken about people who have had COVID.  The fact is that, if you have had COVID, you have antibodies to protect you from further infection even from variants.  You should get quarterly blood draws to be certain your antibodies are still there.  However, you do not need the vaccine!

Fact #3 - I HAD COVID in July of 2020!  I get regular blood draws.  I still have antibodies as of July 2021, however, the most interesting thing about the blood draws is what the lab reports to you about the antibodies.  In my case the Doctor requested a literal report for them not a mathematical report.  There were three paragraphs of information.  Each paragraph was headed by the word "SARS"!  Yes, COVID is a SARS Variant.  The paragraphs said I have antibodies (still), my antibodies are declining and I am not at Zero antibodies.

I said to my doctor, "I don't need a vaccine, right?" and "If this is a SARS variant do I only need a flu shot next fall?"  He said in response "No vaccine needed and, yes, get a flu shot in the fall."

Bottom line, in my opinion, People who have compromised immune systems or are older (+ or - age 70?) should have gotten the vaccine by now if they have not had COVID.  It looks like under age 12 (+ or- ?) should not have the vaccine.  The rest of us probably should get a flu shot in the fall of 2021.  Please remember this is my opinion only.  Consult with your doctor before you make a decision for yourself.  By the way, I am 78 and had a low grade fever and mild muscle aches for 24 hours.  I was very fortunate!

Fact #4 - This whole "pandemic" has been about power and control by politicians over us, their bosses!  We need to fight back to protect our 1st, 4th and 9th amendment rights.  Most importantly, WE MUST NOT CAVE IN TO REQUIRING VACCINE PASSPORTS!