Election Integrity


The Arizona Legislature has taken excellent Election Reform Steps that will help prevent the fraud seen in the 2020 General Election.  Reforms have been passed including a new "secure" ballot and identity requirements for mail in ballots.

Two additional steps are required that will make it virtually impossible to change votes.  First, All ballots must be transported to ballot counting sites from precincts by County Sheriffs Deputies or State Patrol Officers.  Second, All ballots must be transported in identical and secure packaging state wide with identification serial numbers on each package.  Ballot packages with other than State approved serial numbers will not be counted.

Constitutional Rights

During the 2021 AZ Legislative Session a bill was passed saying any Federal Legislation that violates the U.S. Constitution will not be enforceable in Arizona.  This needs to be expanded so that unconstitutional mandates from Federal Agencies will also NOT be enforceable in Arizona.

Also, Our 1st, 2nd, 4th and 9th Amendment rights are being violently attacked with the excuse of a "pandemic" (See discussions).  We must fight hard to keep our rights to free speech, right to bear arms, right to privacy and the right to run our own lives.  There is no excuse that allows the Federal Government to have power over our personal medical decisions and no personal information that we are NOT willing to share should be available to the Federal Government.

Veterans Benefits

The Veterans Administration provides numerous and extensive benefits to veterans and their families.  I ask that you let me know of any suggestions you have to improve either the benefits or their administration.  The experience I have with assisted living and in home care makes me able to assist any veteran or their surviving spouse with applying for VA Aid and Attendance benefits at no charge.  As a veteran myself, this is my give back to my fellow Veterans.


In July I spoke before the BHC Elementary School Board to respond to a letter from the superintendent to the public where she said that "Social/Emotional Learning" (SEL) needed to he taught in elementary grades.  During the 2020 AZ State Legislature a bill was passed making Critical Race Theory (CRT) illegal with a $5000 fine for any occurrence.


Recently I have seen a magazine published by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (acronym SCLC which is a front for all racial EQUITY that is staffed by lawyers) sent to most if not all Schools and school boards in Mohave County. They are promoting SEL in response to the AZ Legislative action.

During the next Legislative session and, when elected, I will push to expand  the bill to include any attempt to dodge the CRT Legislation.

All parents and grandparents with children in our school systems MUST do their part, go to all board meetings, observe school classes and demand that this does not happen.  Below High School all that should be taught is reading, writing, arithmetic, the Golden Rule, tell the truth, not to lie, how to handle bullies, etc.!

Small Business

Until COVID and the Biden Administration more than 60% of all existing and new jobs were created by SMALL BUSINESSES!  The most damaging, consciously taken actions in recent years have caused the loss of many small businesses existence and have grown the power and control of the super gigantic companies and their billionaire owners.

Look at Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Coca Cola, Major League Baseball, the NBA and all the other large companies that are demanding limitations on our 1st, 4th and 9th Constitutional rights!

We all need and I promise to do everything possible to protect and grow small businesses.

Advocate for Seniors

I, too, am a Senior and personally understand the challenges we face.  There are good things about being a Senior including: having more time for your Church, Medicare (until you find out your need is NOT covered) and time to GET active and fight for what is right. Because of your career you have reason and understanding that youngsters do NOT have, you have circles of influence from your years of work that will listen to and respond to your views and what you have worked hard to learn!

As long as we are physically and mentally able we must take a stand to keep our Founding Fathers' principles intact.  We must defend the Constitution from all sides!  What we saw in 2020 including BLM, Antifa, big city riots, etc. are fronts for and paid for by Communist individuals and groups.  Read Marx and you will understand.  They must not succeed!

In my last jobs, I intentionally worked for an assisted living home and an in home care giving company to understand what we face.  Believe me, it was an education.  I will fight ANY attempt by the government to limit what we need in any way.